Sundance at Ute Creek HOA
The HOA Board of Directors can be reached at

HOA President     Andy Welch
Vice President     Greg Ludlow
Secretary            Ray Valdez
Treasurer            Angie Verburg
At-Large             Lori Kaczmarek

Property Management of Longmont (PML)
1155 South Main St., Longmont, CO  80501

Susan Alvarez, Property Manager
(303) 772-5934; (303) 772-3783 fax

Neighborhood Directory - The Sundance Neighborhood Directory is password protected and intended for homeowner convenience ONLY.  The BOD will use this directory for HOA business only and will NOT release this information to any third parties.  DO NOT use this homeowner list for any solicitations or non-HOA business without permission from the homeowner.  Any changes or requests to remove personal information can be made to the BOD via email at

Modification Request - Completed form is required for any external changes to a residence or yard.  Replacement landscaping based on the original plan or plantings less than 24" tall do not need Design Review Committee approval.

Pool Waiver Release - Indemnification for Sundance at Ute Creek HOA regarding pool use. Must be signed by all homeowners.

Private Use of Clubhouse & Parking Lot Request - The clubhouse is available to homeowners for general use during pool hours.  Pool key cards will open the clubhouse.  Please make sure the front door is LOCKED when you leave.

Pool Hours: 6:00am - 9:00pm Sunday - Thursday; 6:00am - 10:00pm Friday & Saturday 

To reserve the clubhouse for a private event, a rental agreement and $100 deposit are required.  Please contact Susan Alvarez with PML to sign a rental agreement and make your deposit.

HOA Committees

Design Review Committee (DRC): Paula Peairs; Clare Kalisher; Karrie Tapia

For landscaping approval and/or modifications to existing landscaping or structures, please complete a Modification Request form and submit it along with the required documentation to PML.  PML will document your request and forward the information to the DRC.  A link to the Modification Request Form is provided above. 

Pool Committee: 

Social Committee Jenny Welch; Kristine Rubba

National Night Out Event Organizer:  Steve Pittman